E-mac Join the world’s efforts in Ending FGM

Female Genital Mutilation or Cutting (FGM/C) has been recognized internationally as gender violence against girls and women. FGM has been defined in a different perspective, according to WHO FGM is defined as referring to all procedures involving partial or total removal of the external Female genitalia organs for nonmedical reasons. In some cases FGM is performed for the following reasons; it is seen as a rite of passage to transform young girls from childhood to womanhood, while others see it as a way to suppress a woman’s sexuality. Most of the communities who practice Female genital mutilation believe that it will ensure a girl’s future marriage or family honors.
Female Genital Mutilation limits opportunities for women and girls around the world to exercise their rights and realize their potential in terms of education, income, health and equality.

Today E-Mac joins the world in celebrating this very important day with a theme; “Partnership with Men and Boys to Transform social and Gender Norms to End FGM”. We believe Partnership with men and boys can make the largest global impact in ending FGM to young girls and women.

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