Empowering Change: The Impactful Journey of Joan and Joseph in Menstrual Hygiene Education

Joseph John and Joan Hopeness Ilkiding’a Secondary School SWASH club leaders

Isn’t story telling impactful: Meet Joan Hopeness, a remarkable Form Four students from Ilkiding’a Secondary School in Arusha region.

As a chairperson of the SWASH Club (School Water Sanitation and Hygiene), She leads a diverse group of 1020 students in her school. Joan’s leadership has been pivotal in providing education on safe menstrual hygiene, a subject she passionately believes should include both girls and boys. Understanding the crucial role boys play in supporting girls during during menstruation, Joan is determined to break down barriers and promote empathy for all.

Working alongside her, Joseph John serves as the vice-chair of the club. Together, Joan and Joseph have become a dynamic team,ensuring that boys at the school receive education on menstrual hygiene. They are dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for all students, promoting awareness and understanding of menstrual hygiene throughout their school community.

Their story has inspired many, including Mohammed Hammie who has penned the captivating Maji Mandiga project. Through this project, the inspiring journey of Joan and Joseph is set to be shared, touching the heart of countless others and exemplifying the power of inclusive education and empowering their peers. Together, Joan and Joseph’s efforts are making a lasting impact, leaving a legacy of compassion and unity for generations to come.

Indeed, a heartfelt thanks to SIMAVI through WASH and Learn project implemented by E-mac Tanzania for their unwavering support and contribution,which has made these empowering initiatives possible.

Joan Hopeness Ilkiding’a Secondary School SWASH Club chairperson


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