Empowering Youth Through the Opportunities for Youth Employment (OYE) Project

E-mac Tanzania proud to highlight the remarkable progress of the Opportunities for Youth Employment (OYE) project, a collaborative initiative between E-mac Tanzania and the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV). This project is transforming the lives of Tanzanian youth by providing them with essential skills and entrepreneurial opportunities.

These stories and images are just a glimpse of the transformative journey led by the Opportunities for Youth Employment project. Covering a wide range of skills and disciplines, the project spans multiple wards in Mvomero District, including Lubungo, Mangae, Doma, Dakawa, Mvomero, Mhonda, Hembeti and Kweuma. With approximately 41 Youth-Led Enterprises (YLEs), the OYE project is fostering lasting change in the community.

Here are some glimpses of the impact OYE project have made:

Vijana Twende Pamoja – Nurturing Horticulture Entrepreneurs

In Mingo village, Lubungo Ward, Mvomero District, the “Vijana Twende Pamoja” group has undergone comprehensive training in business skills, entrepreneurship, and practical horticulture. Captured in the first image is a momentous occasion as the youth group, SNV representatives, and E-mac Tanzania unite in their farm in Mingo. Here, they’re actively engaged in cultivating bell peppers and okra, contributing to both local livelihoods and agricultural innovation.

Members of Vijana Twende Pamoja, alongside SNV and E-mac Tanzania representatives, on their group farm.

Tailoring Internships – Fostering Fashion Entrepreneurs

The OYE project is creating an impact far beyond fields. Project continue to offer tailoring internships in the Lubungo and Doma wards, with a focus on empowering young individuals in the art of commercial garment-making. In the second image is Anuarite Triphon among members of Fashion group located in Mafuru village receiving guidance from group mentor, Happyness Mponda.

Anuarite Triphon receiving instructions from group mentor, Happyness Mponda.

Faashion Group, together  SNV and E-mac Tanzania, this group is immersed in learning the intricacies of clothing design and tailoring. The third image captures their joyful journey towards mastering the art of fashion.

Fashion Group member together E-mac Tanzania representative, celebrating their tailoring training.

The “Lubungo Home of Fashion group” is located in Lubungo village, Lubungo ward the group is dedicated to cultivating artistic flair in the realm of clothing. The fourth image showcases their collective efforts in honing their tailoring skills under the guidance of the OYE project.

SNV representative with the clothes made by Lubungo Home of Fashion group along their tailoring training journey.

At Doma Stoo village in Doma Ward, the “Tujiamini Fashion” group collaborates with SNV and E-mac Tanzania to explore the world of fashion. The fifth image captures the spirit of unity and creativity as they embark on their journey.

Tujiamini Fashion group group members Ummy Miraji and Zainabu Mohamed with SNV and E-mac Tanzania representatives, united in their fashion aspirations.

Juma Mwakibuga – Transforming Beekeeping into Natural Products

Meet Juma Mwakibuga, a shining example of the OYE project’s impact. Hailing from Mafuru village, Lubungo Ward, Juma has not only received training in beekeeping but has also turned his knowledge into a thriving business. The sixth image features him proudly showcasing the products derived from his beekeeping venture, including skin and hair oils.

Juma Mwakibuga proudly displaying his products sourced from beekeeping.

Poultry keeping – Lucy Mwakalinga and Francis Simba’s story

E-mac Tanzania and SNV provided training in poultry keeping to various groups. Lucy Mwakalinga and Francis Simba are among the youth in Doma Stoo, Doma Ward, who benefited from the OYE project. They now generate income through their chicken farming venture, currently managing a flock of 344 chickens.

Lucy Mwakalinga with her chickens, a source of income for her and his brother.

E-mac Tanzania excited to share these successes and look forward to witnessing further growth and empowerment through the OYE project.

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