School Committee realizes the important of O&M and cost recovery plans for sustainable SWASH

To ensure sustainability of SWASH facilities, The Tanzania 2016 SWASH Guideline stipulates that schools need to have and use an O&M and cost recovery  plan which will enable them to have a clear picture of resources needed, how to mobilize them, the responsibilities of each stakeholder, and the different tasks. This plan forms a basic structure for O&M arrangements. The teacher on duty, pupil leadership, and the SWASH club are the entities responsible to ensure the O&M plan is being developed and implemented.

E-mac through WASH and Learn 3.0 has been advocating for the implementation of SWASH guideline at Arusha District, Ward and school level. Recently E-mac conducted a training to School Management Committee, local government leaders, and teachers on SWASH importance, governance including roles and responsibilities in operation and maintenance. Through this training, O&M and cost recovery plan were developed for each school. This is expected to be implemented as planned.

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