Tanzanian Boys and Men’s perception about Menstruation

The 2021 National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) report indicates that social engagement exercise and touching (SET) taboos cause stigma, secrecy and ultimately unhealthy periods  to girls and women. That’s just a tip of what happens in most Tanzanian society. Managing menses in Tanzania is challenged by many religious and social beliefs. Girls and women when menstruating, in some societies, are not allowed to cook since menstruation is treated as “dirty”. negative connotations surrounding menstruation continue to make periods a “woman and secretive” affair.
So, amid all these facts, we asked boys and men about menstruation.
Their responses are more of answers. They unearth taboos and beliefs deep-rooted within.
#unearth taboos
#time to take action
Click here to see the video      https://youtu.be/UJ3cAr3glxw

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