Who We Are

Background Information of E-MAC Tanzania

E-MAC Tanzania was initially developed in early 2010 as a Community Based Organization (CBO) by development practitioner who are working in different international NGO and research institutions to support community initiatives and mostly those left by donors after project phase out. In 2012 E-MAC Tanzania recognized at district level and later in 2013, it is fully registered to operate at national level.


E-mac envisions an empowered community with equal opportunities to social services.


E-mac is there to empower marginalized communities for improved well-being through promotion of sustainable initiatives and networking with other partners.

Goal and Objectives

  • A sustainable development is achieved whereby all marginalized communities have equal rights to share available resources, through access to health and economic opportunities.

Specific Objectives

  • Through economic strengthening, E-MAC will promote equal access to economic opportunities for women, men and youth; and ensure marketing and high productivity.
  • Community’s capacities in entrepreneurship skills will be enhanced through formation of self help groups( Saving groups)
  • Ensure environmental conservation in every E-MAC activity.
  • Conduct participatory rural appraisal in planning and identification of potential areas for economic strengthening.
  • Support gender awareness creation to maximise women’s participation in development.
  • Ensure Water and Sanitation and Hygiene ( WASH )are primary core business among rural communities.
  • Support development of both agricultural and livestock value chains
  • Develop a saving culture among marginalised by using proven models.

Core Values

(i) Integrity

We shall always strive to do what is right and do what we say we will do in an honest and transparent manner with each other and with our stakeholders

  • E-mac should practice honesty in all its working areas.
  • Will provide sincere feedback to its beneficiaries and all stakeholders.
  • E-mac will hold on to its core values regardless of the circumstances

(ii) Accountability and transparency

  • E-mac shall hold itself and be held responsible for all its activities and resources utilized within and outside the organization
  • In our activities we will be ready to take responsibility for one’s own actions be willing to account for our activities and accept responsibility for them and to disclose the results in a transparent manner
  • E-mac shall be responsive to all its stakeholders (Donors, Government, Partner organizations, Targeted beneficiaries)

(iii) Cost consciousness/ cost-effectiveness

  • E-mac shall carry out its operations through proper utilization of locally existing resources to attain optimal performance through innovative means while maintaining the concern for environment.

(iv) Impartiality

  • In its day to day operations E-mac shall treat all people on an equal basis regardless of their gender, political stand, religion, race and socio-economic status.

(v) People-first culture

  • E-mac will work while putting first the interests of its beneficiaries with a view to attain sustainable development at community level.